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Your Bugman inspections are performed by a highly knowledgeable specialist out with a keen eye for detail. All inspections are done thoroughly and never rushed.

Your Bugman’s Inspection

Our three-part inspection is not just to identify a problem, but to prevent one as well, and are done by inspecting for:

  • Live activity

  • Damage from wood destroying organisms or other insect or rodents

  • Points of entry for pests

  • Sources that could attract or become a breeding area

  • Travel routes for pests

  • Evidence of activity 

Our Highly skilled inspector’s start with the exterior of the structure and use their knowledge and expertise to identify possible issues that may be present or ways to prevent ones from occurring.

Doing Inspections

Exterior inspection and what we inspect for:

  • Live activity is looked for on the structure, trees, and shrubbery, patio’s and lawns

  • Proper sealing and gapping of windows, doors and entrance points

  • Tree limbs touching the structure

  • Rodent or other animals burrowing holes

  • Droppings from rodents or other insects or animals

  • Moisture issues such as overwatered plants, ac drip lines, saturated ground, water retention etc..

  • Mud tunnels or evidence of termite damage to the structure, trees, wood fences, window sills, wood door frames, light fixtures etc.

  • Entrance points for possible rodents or larger animals to enter and exit the structure

  • Insects or evidence of activity stuck in spider webs

Interior inspection and what we inspect for: 

  • Live activity is looked for in wet areas, food storage areas, potted plants, dining areas etc….

  • Sanitation of the dwelling is observed for possible issues that may attract or create problems

  • Properly stored food products

  • Moisture issues in wet areas (leaky, cracked or sweating pipes) and overwatered potted plants

  • Wood destroying organisms and other insects damage to Window sills, baseboards and any wood in contact with floor

  • Fungus, bacterial, stagnant water, gunk or debris build up in the drains

  • Insects or evidence of activity stuck in spider webs

Attic inspection and what we inspect for:

  • Leaks to the roof inaccessible areas, by looking for moisture marks

  • Proper drainage of the ac handle pan and check insulation around it to ensure there is no moisture problem

  • Insects or evidence of activity stuck in spider webs

  • Wood destroying organisms and other insects damage to wood beams, rafter, and sheathing

  • Light coming through in areas it shouldn’t

  • Droppings from rodent, insects or other animals

  • Damage from rodent, insect or other animals

Once the inspection is complete the specialist will fill out a report and sit with the client to go over his or her findings. They will go over any live activity that may have been encountered, educate the customer on why the problem exists, and formulate a plan for a solution to correct it. They will point out maintenance issue on the outside such as “tree’s need to be trimmed back away from the house, window’s need caulking, rodent holes need to be excluded etc.” Inside they may advise “food be stored differently, once a week pouring water down a drain that is neglected, stop watering plants so much etc.” Inspections are a vital part of the pest control industry, whether if for prevention or elimination. Performing a quality inspection requires a skilled professional to know what to look for and where, this is all based on knowing pests preferred environmental habitats, choice of food, breeding type, life cycles etc. Call today at (941) 585-0414 and set up your inspection with Your Bugman and let us wow you with our knowledge.​

Real Estate Inspections:

Inspections for real estate transactions for wood destroying organisms are still full and complete inspections. The hiring party (buyer or seller) will receive the complete inspection report on our total findings. In addition, they will receive a 13645 Wood-destroying organism inspection report as required by law under FL statue 482. This report isn’t a complete and full report of all the findings, it focuses only on wood destroying organisms. In addition to the report, an inspection sticker will be attached in an area visible seen from the attic or crawlspace entrance (normally the panel box) with findings and treatment information if a treatment was made.


Unless specified otherwise. Our Inspection reports/stickers do not constitute a guarantee of the absence of wood destroying organisms or any other pest issues in any way. Our inspection’s and done visible (non- invasive) and is in good faith, performed by highly skilled professionals, with the knowledge, tools, and ability to perform a thorough inspection. Due to obstructions (sheetrock covering studs, inadequate space to inspect portions of an attic or crawl space, clutter etc….) Sometimes damage could go unforeseen and is not due to the inspector’s knowledge, skill or abilities to perform the inspection’s, but due to the obstructions. Your Bugman cannot or will not be held liable for any damage unforeseen at the time of inspection, nor cannot or will not be held liable for any issues that may after the inspection.    

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